Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pillowcase into Baby pants

Made a jersey pillowcase smaller and made baby pants of the leftovers.
Difficulty 3/10, very simple self made pattern. Cost 0.  Baby is posing with the rest of the jersey sheets.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Black T-shirt into Ferrari T-shirt

Old T-shirt got a embroidery. Great idea for covering a hole, for example. (In that case you would have to add some material to cover the hole first.)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cashmere sweater into cozy winter suit

Cashmere Sweater from e-Bay, 8 Euro. Folklore decoration ribbon, 6 Euro.
Difficulty 5/10 (It got complicated when I did the buttons because I didn't plan ahead. Should have been a 3/10, it's very easy to make. I re-used the hole for the head and all the cuffs - the baby was exactly as long as the sweater from shoulder to ancle. ) No pattern, just improvisation.

Reblogged: Suit into bag

Holy awesomeness!
A bit on the weird side for me, but good weird. By Poketo.

Reblogged: Junky styling

Just look what these clever people make out of old clothes. Nice cuts, lots of attention to detail. If you have a chance, go visit their store in London.

Reblogged: Leather jackets into bags!

Holy Moly!
I'm blown away by these absolutely amazing bags by Shannonsouth. So. Nice.
Great blog as well, check it out!

T-shirt into jacket lining

The baby jacket was sewn from a 60's fabric that my mom had kept. The lining, however, used to be a T-shirt from a market in Thailand. I gave to my brother who hated it and gave it back. Now it's finally found it's true purpose in life. Difficulty 7/10, result 10/10.

Reblogged: T-shirt and fabric into dress

So cute.
I guess it's more or less a straight piece of fabric sewn onto the t-shirt. I've been planning to do this for a long time.  Moderniteter did it already in 2007.

Reblogged: Table cloth into skirt

Take a table cloth. Cut a hole. Dance the night away. Awesome colors by Clara

Monday, April 25, 2011

Old T-shirt into rabbit

Old T-shirt was a gift from a friend. (The rabbit's dress was made from another T-shirt from the same friend.) Pattern self made.

Two t-shirts into baby dress

Old T-shirts were gifts from friends, made them into a dress. Pattern from Ottobre magazine.
Difficulty 4/10.

Sweater into booties

Shrunken sweater from H&M, hand sewn into baby booties. Buttons from a flea market. Pattern found online (google for "baby booties pattern".)
Time: 1 hour.
Difficulty: 3/10

Pillowcase into shirt

Pillowcase from a thrift store. Pattern self made, after seeing similar shirts all over the blogs.
For example here and here.
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