Saturday, June 4, 2011

Shirt into Toddler Dress and Pants

Look what I made the other day! A dress with matching pants from my boyfriend's worn out shirt. It's protecting my very blond daughter's skin from the sun, still cool when it's warm, plus quite good looking if I may say so myself. A bit tunisian, or japanese? Yesterday was a hot day here in Stockholm and this outfit came very handy. 
It took me about two hours but I was very quick and sloppy. Didn't even use pins, actually. (Recommended though.) Most functional details from the shirt are re-used, like the buttoning and the cuffs, which makes it really quick to make but still gives it some functional details. I kind of love the leg-cuffs. Difficulty 4 / 10 if you're as sloppy as me. Cost 0.

Tutorial coming up soon.

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